Wedding Signage

WE love wedding signs, from rustic wooden finger posts to chalkboards and slates.  There are so many options from personalised posters on Etsy to simple wedding phrases in homeware departments.


We really love a little DIY so we thought we would give this great tutorial online a go.

Luckily we have lots of cut offs from our whitewash floor, these provide a perfect base for painted signs.  Choosing a font is the trickiest part of the process with so many gorgeous handwriting styles to choose from.  In the tutorial above the maker draws on lettering free hand, but to make it easier you can always trace an outline.  On soft wood simply print your lettering, place the page over the wood then use a ball point pen and draw along the outline of your lettering.  This will leave an imprint on your wood that you can follow with your paint/marker.


Drawing the lettering


The finished product

Horetown Wedding Signage

Horetown Wedding Signage