I recently found this DIY tutorial so I have used it as an excuse to make some lovely wreaths.  To be honest it didn't take a whole lot of convincing!  A couple of years ago I bought a beautiful nest made by Joe Hogan the basket maker and ever since I have been twisting bits of willow and twigs in a futile attempt to recreate the flow of the circle.

Joe Hogan Nest

Joe Hogan Nest

If you would like to recreate a very natural and uneven circle I would recommend fashioning your wreath base out of freshly cut new growth which will be more pliable and should form a smoother circle.  However if, like in the tutorial, you prefer a more geometric and very convenient start- use a wire wreath base, I bought mine in Rosaleens Florist in Wexford.


Next stop, greenery! If its your first time DIYing flowers I would definitely recommend using cuttings from your garden or a nearby hedge, now is not the time to spend a fortune on shop flowers.  Nothing stops you experimenting like the sinking feeling of destroying expensive materials.  Experiment with free/cheap materials and then when you are a little more confident, invest in the good stuff.



I got this incredible haul from the garden today, with amazing peonies just blooming and lush ferns, beech and some sort of wild thing that sprouts pink flowers- you don't need anything in particular, just experiment with whats available.