Wedding Chalkboards

Following on from last weeks post- this is a great trick for making chalkboard signs without the stress of perfecting your calligraphy skills!!! We love Pinterest!!!


The first thing to do is "season" your chalkboard- this rather over the top term relates to making your chalkboard look worn.  Take a piece of chalk and drag it back and forth on its side over the board, then roughly rub it off to give your board a used look.


For our signs we used roof slates as our surface and for our text -Chalkboard Markers which are really easy to use, give great coverage and last when handled.  They don't give the same dusty texture as chalk but are much easier to keep neat and give a clean line.  If you are using real chalk be sure to seal the finished product with some form of fixative- this can be bought in craft shops or you can use hairspray which does pretty much the same job!