Open Days

There is no replacement for coming to visit the beauty and elegance of Horetown House first hand. During the year we host a number of open days, where couples can visit the house and sample the rooms available as if a wedding was already underway. For our open days, we decorate the house to show it off to its most majestic and give you an idea of the decor and styling options at Horetown House. The bedrooms are open for viewing also and guests can browse the gardens and our outdoor ceremony options.

While we do accommodate personal viewings, due to the private nature of our business we cannot show the house while a wedding is already underway so unfortunately that means it is rare to be able to organise a weekend viewing appointment with us so please contact us in advance to arrange a time!


Friday 31st August 2018

Open Evening 5-9pm – Appointment Only

Contact Graham by email on to reserve your viewing.